Saunas to enhance your lifestyle

A sauna room made for you provides you with the means to enjoy a relaxing and pleasant experience within your own home. You can step into a familiar environment and let the heat and natural scent of the wood engulf you – relax and recharge.

A great way to detox your body, a sauna assists in flushing out and eliminating the body’s toxins to improve your health and leaves you with a sense of wellbeing. The warmth can help ease muscle stiffness and soreness.

Who wouldn’t want this all within your own home. Sauna & Steam WA can provide you with a sauna which is custom built to meet your needs.

We also offer high quality prefabricated saunas.

We can liaise with you on your specific needs

We can liaise with you on you specific needs; advise you on heaters and equipment suitable for your requirements as well as the size and location of your Sauna within your home.

Details such as seats, windows, doors and lighting as well as suitable locations for control panels are all discussed.

We use Western Red Cedar for the construction of our sauna as it can withstand the high temperatures, resist cracking, provide a natural scent and can be resistant to termites.

Commercial Saunas

We provide a quality custom design and built commercial sauna experience.

Our expert service will help you obtain the best possible solution to your needs.

In doing so, we are available to liaise with architects, engineers, builders as well as plumbing and electrical contractors. We will discuss usage requirements and details such as seats, windows, doors and lighting as well as suitable locations for control panels etc. 

We provide warranties on all Tylö equipment. We also provide a full back up service to give you peace of mind.
To find out more about any sauna and steam room accessories, equipment, spare parts or service requirements, call us on 0417 995 950 or send an email.
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